Coachroaches in science class
In science class we have been working with cockroaches. This is a picture of 1 of the many coach roaches that we have. In math we are just finishing customary units. In 7th grade we have two core classes that we switch half way through the year. Our Topas Tiger team just finished Geography and now we just started Environmental Science. In Social Studies the whole year we year about U.S. history and all the different battles that happened in the U.S.
In the 7th grade at Palmyra Middle School you get the most experienced teachers. Between all the teachers on the Topas Tiger tean they have about 92 years under their belt. They are still going and I think they can easely get to 110 years of teaching. In 7th grade we have about 250-260 student which are divided into two teams. The two teams are Lime Lizards and the Topaz Tigers.

One special thing that happens in 7th grade is Outdoor Education. Every spring, when the weather gets warm we go out to Camp Swatara for 5 days and we do a lot of outdoor activities.